Online Graphic Design Course

Online Graphic Design Classes

Evidently, graphic production is one of the top emerging Art and Design fields in the modern age of digital communication. Consequently, EdNet School of Art and Design, where creative talent is nurtured, we give focused emphasis on learning graphic designing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel, which help in creating shapes and converting them into logos. Through these, we can also create portraits, posters, characters, design web pages, graphic portfolio design and form digital art works.

In this regard, students planning to study Interior Designing, Architecture, Product Designing, Graphic Design, and Fine Arts among other programs, are currently taking classes under the prestigious EdNet Faculty, training them to use this digital medium innovatively. You may also join us to create effective and visionary portraits, posters, characters, designs, and web pages to enhance your skills. Our top-notch facilities, resources, and faculty will help your talents shine through.

Duration: 1 Month

Number of Days: 16(2 Class in a Week)

Adobe Illustrator Curriculum
  • Intro and Tools
  • Creative Icons & Shapes
  • Logo Designing
  • Stationary Designing
  • Poster & Post Designing
  • App & Web Designing and etc
  • Vector Portrait Designing
  • Vector Character Designing
  • Story Boarding
  • Creative Illustrations
Adobe Photoshop Curriculum
  • Intro and Tools
  • How to work with layers and modes
  • Retouching & Modeling Images
  • Color Correcting & Developing
  • How to use effects
  • How to present your work
  • Digital Sketching
  • Digital Artwork

Total Hour
24 Hours (1 Hour 30 Minutes/Class)

Days of Week
2 Days /Week

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