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EdNet School of Art and Design is one of the best art schools in Delhi. Established 2004 with the vision to become a channel for aspiring artists to excel in international platforms, our aim is to not only maximise your creative potential but also to provide expert guidance on building an art portfolio for college. We have a well-structured and highly intensive art program that will enhance your strength, resulting in artwork that is engaging, meaningful and dynamic.

Our services include hands-on training, expert personalized counselling, and portfolio development sessions. Moreover, we provide a range of flexible courses for students depending on their level of experience. Beginners learn how to observe, perceive, and ideate art concepts, while students at more advanced levels add further value to their skills with our methodical training. Create eclectic art portfolios for college that demonstrate versatility. Work with acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, charcoal, ink, pencils, clay, and mixed media; with us, there is no limit to your potential!


What Our Students Say

Fall 2022 | Art & Design

Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, California College of Arts, SAIC

I enjoyed my 1.5 years at EdNet thoroughly. I not only became more aware about the universities that I was applying to and their requirements during the application process, but also the art classes provided by EdNet helped me widen my knowledge about different art techniques. I would like to thank everyone there for helping with my application process and making it easier and much more convenient for me.

Siya Girdhar

Fall 2022 | Art & Design

Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, California College of Arts, SCAD, SAIC, Paris College of Art

Great experience at EdNet. The art teachers are super efficient and helped me build a successful portfolio. The mentors are great at advising and keeping up with applications — overall, I had a great experience at EdNet consultants.

Syna Saigal

Fall 2022 | Industrial Design

Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, California College of Arts

EdNet provided me with great counselling – which helped me get into my dream university. The art teachers taught me the necessary skills and techniques needed to create good quality portfolio pieces. They are extremely sweet and try to give enough time to every student, even if the studio is packed. The editorial team at EdNet helped me brainstorm my interests and ideas, allowing me to make my essays personal as well as professional. The mentors are extremely patient and hardworking, guiding me through all the steps in the application process, which made my application experience much easier. Niharika Mam helped me understand where and how I should apply, as well as gave me great advice regarding both my resume and portfolio.

Vanya Garg

Fall 2022 | Masters in Fashion, Experience & Design Management

Working with EdNet has been a wonderful experience. Niharika ma’am along with the lovely mentors and editors helped me realise my dream of getting accepted to some of the most prestigious universities. From decluttering my mind in order to narrow down my choices, setting targeted goals and a defined timeline for me, to providing constant support throughout the application process, EdNet made this seemingly daunting journey a smooth sailing and memorable one for me.

Siyona Baweja

Fall 2021 | Fashion Design

Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, CCA, SAIC, Paris College of Art, Central Saint Martins, FIDM

Ednet has been super helpful and I am grateful for their help in getting me into my dream college!

Zehra Ali

Online Class | Art & Design

Student, EdNet School of Art & Design

The perspective and colour session went very well. I learned how the different colour variations and perspectives which will help me in the future immensely. Thank you so much!

Deeva Thomas

Online Class | Art & Design

Student, EdNet School of Art & Design

This is to inform you that the online classes as of now have been going good and I hope for the same in the coming future . Though at times the graphics class becomes a little monotonous, I think that that is also because of our new exposure to the platform. The art classes have been going really well and the teachers keep re enforcing all that we do so overall it has been helpful . Your entire team has been available throughout  be it the art faculty or the editors or co ordinations . Thank you so much for taking all possible initiatives at the moment . I hope that you and your family are safe  and indoor during this pandemic

Kuhu Juneja

Online Class | Art & Design

Student, EdNet School of Art & Design

Our classes have been going really well with both the teachers putting in a lot of efforts in making these classes successful, they have been much more interactive since the last time I wrote to you and the personal sessions is giving us a good time to talk about the portfolio. In all the classes are very productive and smooth going , especially because of the efforts being put in my each member of the Ednet family


Online Class | Art & Design

By EdNet School of Art & Design Faculty

Thanks a ton for conducting the class today, both the teachers were quite inclusive and friendly.We talked about the planner and different things that need to be done and worked upon and I guess I am more or less clear about everything. Seeing forward to have more such interactive classes.
Thank you.


Fall 2018 | Design and Management

Parsons School of Design, New York, SAIC, CCA, LCF

“My experience with Ednet has been amazing. I joined Ednet when I was just in grade 9. Niharika ma’am has guided me through every step of the application, helped me to overcome every hurdle and to develop a flawless application. Everybody at Ednet has been very helpful. Reena ma’am made sure my application was complete before the deadline! I’m extremely grateful to everyone at Ednet.”

Khushi Sahaii

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