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A leader in educating artists since 2004

EdNet School of Art & Design

EdNet School of Art & Design, established 2004, is a creative space where imagination meets ingenuity. With our state-of-the-art resources, professional art equipment, intensive curriculum, and creative and visionary faculty, we guide budding artists in maximising their potential. Our Art classes are not simply methodical, but provide an invigorating experience.

Located in lush green surroundings of South Delhi, the Art School provides a productive expanse to assist the students in honing their artistic skills and creative abilities. EdNet believes that Art lies beyond four walls and that inspiration may arrive from anywhere. In sync with this thought, we often conduct seminars, workshops, field trips, photography forays, and museum excursions for the benefit of our students.


The Highest Caliber of Artistic Education

Thinking out of the box is always encouraged at EdNet school of Art & Desin. We provide intensive hands-on-training, expert personalised counselling, portfolio development sessions, and production of original artwork. Committed to our purpose, our student-centric courses are flexible in approach, where the students learn to observe, perceive, and develop ideas and concepts.

As an EdNet’ian, you can choose to work with perspective drawing, shading, human figures, portraits, still life, graphics, 3-D drawing and many more forms of artwork. Additionally, you may explore various mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, charcoal, ink, pencils, and clay. There is no limit to learning and growth with EdNet school of Art & Design!


Our History

Ednet Consultants was established as a well-resourced professional organisation to provide unbiased and genuine counselling in Design and Non Design areas. Niharika visits top art schools in Europe and Singapore.

Ednet conducts several Portfolio review sessions with top art schools such as CCA, Parsons and LaSalle College of the Arts, among others.

Many more Art schools such as SAIC and Pratt conducts portfolio review sessions at Ednet. It also continues its mission of providing high quality accessible education and instructions in painting, drawing, sketch, sculpture and digital.

Ednet Art School offers regular workshops in areas of Design by IED (Milan) and Studio Art classes held by professional artists as well as experienced educators in a unique setting. More schools such as IED and Paris College of the Arts conduct Portfolio review sessions.

Ednet Art School moves to 261, Okhla Phase 3, with the sole intention to prepare students better with varied mediums and skills such as Graphics, 3D, sculpture, lino and wood cut as well as mixed mediums. It also introduces coaching for NIFT, NID and UCEED and prepares its first formal Art curriculum.

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